ERJ 140 MSN 145554

This ERJ 140 semi-private aircraft was previously in service with a domestic operator and has currently been inducted into heavy maintenance. The aircraft is undergoing Air Stair SB modification as well as Semi-Private Cabin configuration and will be delivered with Overhauled Landing Gear. In addition to the modifications, the following inspections will be accomplished:

  • C-Check
  • 2A, 2C, 4A, 5A,
  • 12Mo, 18Mo, 24Mo, 30Mo, 36Mo, 48Mo
  • 1,000FH / 2,000FH / 2,500FH / 4,000FH / 5,000FH / 6,000FH
  • 2,500FC / 5,000FC / 6,000FC

Sales Contact

Jameel Wazir

Jameel Wazir Regional Aircraft Sales

+61 7 3354 8123
+61 404 855 991
Paul Woodard

Paul Woodard Corporate Aircraft Sales

+1 888 777 1843
+1 973 865 3699


Sale or LeaseSale
Aircraft TypeERJ 140
Serial Number145554
Build Date2002
Total Time38,214.4 hours
Total Cycles35,735 cycles


L/H Engine
Rolls Royce AE3007A1/3 – S/N CAE311644

Total Time:39,876.9
Total Cycles:35,414
Time Since Last Service:1,165.7
First Limiter (Cycles): 4,852

R/H Engine
Rolls Royce AE3007A1/3 – S/N CAE312532

Total Time:33,576.9
Total Cycles:30,157
Time Since Last Service:4,225.6
First Limiter (Cycles):4,843


Type/ModelSundstrand T-62T-40C14
APU TSN24,487.5
APU CSN38,600

Landing Gear

L/H MainCSORemainingnext Due
R/H MainCSORemainingnext Due
NoseCSORemainingnext Due

inspection status

C5,000 hours5,000
3A1,500 hours1,052.9
5A2,500 hours1,744.9
4C20,000 hours15,295.5


Passenger Seats18
Number and Location of Galley1 Fwd
Number and Location of Lavatory1 Aft
Number of Crew Seats3 Cockpit, 1 Cabin
Aircraft Paint SchemeAmerican eagle
Far 121 CompliantYes
FAR Part 36, Stage III Noice Compliant

operating Weight

Maximum Take-Off Weight46,517 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight41,226 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight37,699 lbs
Basic Op. Empty Weight26,032 lbs
Fuel Capacity11,332 lbs


VHF CommHoneywellRCZ-833M2
VHF NavHoneywellRNZ-8512
FMS ComputerUniversalUNS-1Lw2
GPS Computer1
Air Data ComputerHoneywell7014700-6262
Data Acquisition UnitBombardierUL6001
Weather RadarHoneywellWU-6601
Radio AltimeterHoneywellRT-3001
CVRAllied Signal980-6022-0011
DFDRAllied Signal980-4700-0421
EGPWSHoneywellMK V1

l/h AE3007a1/3 engine details – cae311644

descriptionscycle limitremaining cycles
Fan Wheel20,00018,853
Fan Blade Retainer20,00018,853
Shaft, Fan Drive35,00033,853
1st Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00028,853
2nd Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
3rd Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor24,2004,853
4th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
5th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
6th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
7th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
8th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
9th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
10th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00028,853
11th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
12th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00028,853
13th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00028,853
14th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00010,653
Cone Shaft30,00023,125
Turbine, 1st Stage HP35,00033,853
Turbine, 2nd Stage HP23,00021,853
Spacer, 1st and 2nd Stage30,00028,853
1st Stage LP, Turbine Wheel35,00033,853
2nd Stage LP, Turbine Wheel35,00033,853
3rd Stage LP, Turbine Wheel35,00033,853
Spacer, Interstage LP Fwd35,00033,853
Spacer, Interstage LP Aft35,00033,853
LPT Fwd Shaft35,00033,853

r/h AE3007a1/3 engine details – cae312532

descriptionscycle limitremaining cycles
Fan Wheel20,0008,808
Fan Blade Retainer20,0002,823
Shaft, Fan Drive35,0004,843
1st Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
2nd Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
3rd Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor24,20018,808
4th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
5th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
6th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
7th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
8th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
9th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
10th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
11th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
12th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
13th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
14th Stage Wheel, Comp Rotor30,00018,808
Cone Shaft30,00018,808
Turbine, 1st Stage HP35,0004,843
Turbine, 2nd Stage HP23,0004.847
Spacer, 1st and 2nd Stage30,00025,957
1st Stage LP, Turbine Wheel35,0004,843
2nd Stage LP, Turbine Wheel35,00023,808
3rd Stage LP, Turbine Wheel35,0004,843
Spacer, Interstage LP Fwd35,0004,843
Spacer, Interstage LP Aft35,0004,843
LPT Fwd Shaft35,0004,843
ERJ 140 for sale, business class semi-private interior
ERJ 140 for sale, business class semi-private interior
ERJ 140 for sale, business class semi-private interior
ERJ 140 for sale, business class semi-private interior