SAAB 340B – MSN 203

Saab 340B for Sale or Lease

This aircraft was recently in revenue service with a 121 operator and is now on a storage program. The engines are ECMP qualified and the aircraft will be delivered with two freshly overhauled prop blades along with the following checks freshly completed:

6-Year / 4-Year
4-Year / 2-Year
800 hour
400- hour

SFAR 88 Fuel Mod will also be accomplished along with a complete interior refurbishment, including new leather seat covers and exterior paint. This aircraft is available for outright sale or lease.

This aircraft will be delivered with fresh exterior paint and a completely refurbished interior.


Jameel Wazir

Jameel Wazir Regional Aircraft Sales

+61 7 3354 8123
+61 404 855 991
Everette Mash

Everette Mash Regional Aircraft Sales

+1 207 217 6149
+1 207 951 6259


Serial Number:340-203
Build Date:1990
Total Time:42697.9
Total Cycles:51079
Registration Country:USA


L/H Engine

Total Time36384.4
Total Cycles43003
Time Since Last Service0 Hours
First Limiter (Cycles)TBA

R/H Engine

Total Time27839.1
Total Cycles32494
Time Since Last Service0 Hours
First Limiter (Cycles)TBA

Landing Gear

L/H MainSerial #CSOREmaining
hock StrutLK930260044107590
Drag BraceLK9600662195210048
R/H MainSerial #CSOREmaining
Shock StrutTBATBA6000+
Drag BraceLK9204697104511549
NoseSerial #CSORemaining
Shock StrutTBATBA6000+
Drag BraceTBATBA6000+

Propeller Details (Hamilton Sunstrand)

L/H PropellerSerial #RemainingDue
Hub8585076.7November 2017
Actuator9305084524.6January 2017
Blade #18767367500TBA
Blade #28855293010.5June 2016
Blade #38765704265.1May 2017
Blade #48879284623.1January 2018
R/H PropellerSerial #RemainingDue
Hub1034096.9May 2017
Actuator8912466441.5July 2018
Blade #18655617030.1March 2019
Blade #28769697500TBA
Blade #38635283521.6November 2016
Blade #48797121862.6February 2016