Perfect Opportunity to acquire an entire aircraft fleet – starting at $975,000

Only 3 left out of 12 Saab 340B+ aircraft available for immediate sale. Aircraft are currently in PAX configuration but are ready to be converted to cargo, capable of carrying 1280 cu ft, providing a highly cost-effective, fuel-efficient freighter. All have recently been in service with a 121 operator and all engines are approved to continue on GE ECMP. Starting at $1,000,000.

advantages to a saab 340B+ fleet

  • All available now
  • Engines on GE ECMP program
  • Easy and affordable conversion to cargo configuration
  • 1.3M x 1.5M cargo-bay door capable of fitting full-size pallets on aircraft
  • Despite similar operating costs, the Saab aircraft can handle a 3,000 lb. larger payload than Beech 1900D aircraft
  • Cargo conversion installations, performed in-house by C&L, are much less expensive in a Saab 340 compared to other popular freighters such as the Beech 1900D
  • The most economical turboprop freighter payload 9,325 lb (4,208 kg)
  • 373 Saab aircraft with 48 global operators
  • OEM and C&L provides full aftermarket support for airframe parts & engines

cargo conversion specifications

C&L is an approved sales and installation center for TAM Saab 340B Cargo Conversion. TAM’s EASA- and FAA-approved cargo conversion STC is well-proven and provides a highly cost-effective way to convert this fuel-efficient passenger aircraft into a profitable freighter, capable of carrying 1,280 cu ft of cargo.

 Operating Weights  
Max take-off weight29,000 lb13,155 kg
Max landing weight28,500 lb12,925 kg
Max zero-fuel weight26,500 lb12,020 kg
Operational empty weight17,223 lb7,812 kg
Max payload9,325 lb4,230 kg
Max fuel capacity5,690 lb2,580 kg
Max cruise speed283 kt283 kt
Max operating altitude25,000 ft7,620 m

Review specifications for all 12 Saab 340B+ aircraft as part of this fleet package

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